WhatsApp auto-reply

Cloud service for automatic reply in WhatsApp. Connect an unlimited number of accounts to use the autoresponder

In mass mailings

If you are launching a mass mailing, an autoresponder will be very useful for you

Create an auto-reply

For business

Create a chat bot with a simple constructor in WaNeuro service

WhatsApp chat bot

Instructions on how to set up WhatsApp auto-replies

In order to create an auto-response or bot you will not need any special skills. Any user will be able to understand it, just look at the instructions on how to set up a chat bot

Adding an account

In the "WhatsApp Management" section, add a new account by clicking on the "Add Account" button

Next, scan the QR code using the scanner in the WhatsApp app

Create an auto-reply

  1. Go to the "Chat Bot" menu
  2. Select your account and click "Add Team"

WhatsApp auto-reply

  1. Insert text
  2. Customize randomization
  3. Add ban on contact list
  4. Test
  5. Random message interval by minimum (second) - how long will the bot be typing

And we can also create posts with buttons or a full menu!

How to attract a lot of customers with WhatsApp ?



Collect target audience of potential customers with online parser using filters.



Create the text of the mailing based on the target audience and the information we have received



Start a WhatsApp newsletter. Set up an autoresponder, connect a chat bot and generate leads without bans and without an advertising budget on a full automatic basis