A timetable for work and improvements!

You can follow our development schedule and release new features, as well as suggest your own ideas

The plan is to

Auto account registration

Chat directly from the app

AI-based mailing list

In the course of realization

Auto warm-up of accounts

automatic warming of accounts using AI correspondence

Buttons on Android

trying to make the buttons work on all devices.

Integration with AMOcrm

When changing the stage, sending of messages and breakdowns by clients from AMOcrm

Comparison of mailings

module for comparing WhatsApp newsletters by their success rate

All done

Proxy system, message delay

Adding your own Proxies каналов,
Delay in sending triggered messages with status Printed
Added 14.11.2023

Correspondence report

a detailed report on the client's correspondence with the number with a transcript of the client's messages
Added 04.11.2023

Formatting WhatsApp numbers

removing unnecessary characters from the license plate number database
Added 01.10.2023

WhatsApp number checker

Detect if there is WhatsApp on the number when downloading the database
Added 31.09.2023

Partner module

Receive % of the payment of your referred customers into the system
Added 15.08.2023

OpenAI Integration

Open AI automatically creates content and images

New file manager feature

Can create folders and upload files to them
Published 16,05,2023

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