Create a chat bot in minutes

How to make a WhatsApp chat bot

Create a chat bot for your business without programming skills. Instructions on how to create a WhatsApp chat bot on WaNeuro service

Simple and clear interface of the designer

The interface is easy to understand for any PC user

Connect multiple accounts

Depending on the current tariff plan

Instructions on how to set up WhatsApp chat bot

In order to create a chat bot you will not need any special skills. Any user will be able to understand it, just look at the instructions on how to set up a chat bot

Adding an account

In the "WhatsApp Management" section, add a new account by clicking on the "Add Account" button

Next, scan the QR code using the scanner in the WhatsApp app

Add commands

  1. Go to the "Chat Bot" menu
  2. Select your account and click "Add Team"

Setting up WhatsApp chat bot

  1. Setting up the chat bot WhatsAppPhatsApp works or not bot command
  2. Who to send to (Everyone , Only to groups and chats, Only to people)
  3. Keyword type
  4. Message contains the entire keyword (responds if it matches what you wrote).
  5. Message contains a keyword (if the message contains such a word Keyword "Price" message "what price" The bot will reply)
  6. A short title for you (usually a keyword)
  7. The keywords it answers (Price, Cost, etc.)
  8. Normal message (text +Photo)
  9. Copies only work on iOS
  10. Menu (list of messages) only works on iOS
  11. Select the photos you want to send
  12. Write the text you want to send
  13. Use chatGPT 4 to generate a message
  14. Shorten the links and get a report on clicks
  15. Save the command
  16. A random interval of messages at a minimum (seconds) will mean how long the bot will send a message to a person after it receives a command from him, it is necessary to reduce the blocking

WhatsApp auto-reply

The autoresponder will automatically respond to any first message from a customer

-Go to the autoresponder settings

-Paste text

-Customize randomization

-Add a ban to the contact list

How to attract a lot of customers with WhatsApp ?



Collect target audience of potential customers with online parser using filters.



Create the text of the mailing based on the target audience and the information we have received



Start a WhatsApp newsletter. Set up an autoresponder, connect a chat bot and generate leads without bans and without an advertising budget on a full automatic basis