How to set up a WhatsApp newsletter

A proper WhatsApp newsletter with autoresponder and chat bot connection will help you avoid blocking your WhatsApp account. Also, before setting up and launching the newsletter, please read the following.   the limits and rules of watsapp.

The instructions will tell you how to:

Adding an account and setting up WhatsApp newsletters

After registering on the service, you get to your personal cabinet. Next, you need to add an account or accounts from which you will send out mailings.

To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

1) In the personal account menu (on the left side of the screen), select the WhatsApp tab and go further by clicking on it;

2) Add your account by clicking on the button below

3) You will need to scan the QR code from your device in WhatsApp (under “Settings” – “Connected Devices” – “Bind Device”).

4) Everything is ready! The number is connected and you can use it!

To view your accounts, go to the “profiles” tab and select the desired account to view its information.

5) If your account is blocked or expired, the system will offer to reconnect it!

To do this, go to “Add Account” and besides the QR code you will see the accounts that need to be rescanned

How to make a newsletter in WhatsApp

1) First, you need to add the contacts of the customers who will receive information from you. To do this, select the Contacts tab and go to it;

2) In the header next to the search there is a “Plusick which is responsible for adding “Contact Groups”, you can click on it to create your first contact group;

4) In the window that appears, select the “Working” status for mailing to this group, enter a name and click “Save”;

For example, if you collect a base using a parser, you can create different groups and track conversions from them.

5) Now you can edit this group of contacts and add the necessary numbers from your customer base for mailing, to do this click on the icon as shown in the screenshot below

6) Select “Import” to load contacts;

7) When importing from CSV you can add variables by name type and others, “Through the form” only phone numbers.

For more details on importing contacts see this video

8) Go to the mailing list interface using the corresponding menu and create a new mailing list ;

9) On your screen you will see the fields you need to fill out: First, select the accounts from which you want to start the newsletter:

1. Newsletter title (visible only to you)
2. Contact group that is created in contacts. (who the mailing will be sent to)
3. media file Picture or something else to be inserted into the message
4. Message. It can be used as a template or written from scratch with variables
5. Buttons You can send a message with buttons, but they will only be visible on IOS and PC versions.
6. Message List You can send a message with menus, but will only be visible on iOS and PC version
7. Message Text

Text: enter what you want to send, or by using text generation based on chatGPT 4
Use template: click here to get the saved newsletter texts for publishing
Save template: click here to save the new text template in your database.
You can use variables in your contact list using the structure: %name%, %param1%, %param2%,…
You can get a random message from Spintax: {Hi|Hello|Hola}.
Support for URL shortening

8. Start date of mailing
9 Minimum delay time between messages
10. Maximum delay time between messages
11. At what time the mailing works (if you want to prevent people from receiving sms at 11 p.m., this is a great feature).

12. using a template from saved files
13. save the message as a template
14. use AI to generate or rewrite the mailing list text
15. shortening a link to count the number of clicks on it

Important: if you have selected several accounts, the service will send messages one by one from different accounts, ranking them thus reducing the option of blocking!

10) After all fields are filled in and the required date is set, click on the “Start mailing” button and it’s done! Now you can track the sending of messages in your personal cabinet or start a new mailing, as well as download the report or stop mailing

How to make an auto-responder in watsapp?

1) Among the WhatsApp tools, select the desired “Autoresponder” icon;

2) Select the account on which the autoresponder will work

How to make a WhatsApp Chat Bot

1) Among the WhatsApp tools, select the desired “Chat Bot” icon

2) Select the desired account for the “Chat Bot” and click “Add Command”

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