WhatsApp Chat bot with buttons and pop-up menu

The most popular way of personalization is to address in the text of the message by name. But you can personalize your newsletters by inserting any other data into the text!

Easy to navigate

Create a chat bot with buttons, pop-up menu and links to other sites.

Increase in conversions

Use the buttons when creating a chat bot or starting a mass whatsapp newsletter

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Types of buttons in WhatsApp

Buttons in WhatsApp work both when using a chat bot and when sending whatsapp newsletters in bulk. You can create a single chat bot or a newsletter for all connected whatsapp accounts in WaNeuro service at once

How to make buttons in whatsapp?

Brief instruction how you can make buttons for chat bot or whatsapp mailing using WaNeuro cloud service

Create a message with buttons

Create a message with buttons

  • To add buttons to a chat bot or mailing list we need to go to the necessary section to create a mailing list / chat bot and the interface will appear in front of us:

  • Enter the keywords that the chat bot will respond to

  • Type of bot response (Text, buttons, list)

  • Field for text message, and above the field for attaching files.

  • Customize the buttons of the chat bot, the name of the button is a command to trigger the "next command", a link to the site or a call to the phone, and the second line is the text on the button. All created buttons are displayed below, with the ability to edit them
    Random message from Spintax. Example: {Hello|Hello|Hello}
    CallButton: Enter the phone number for the button
    UrlButton: Enter the URL for the button
    quickReplyButton: Enter a message to quickly reply to the button
    [Button Variables] - Add custom variables: %name%, %param1%,


Create a pop-up list with buttons (Menu Button)

Create a pop-up list with buttons (Menu Button)

A popup list is a message with a button that, when clicked, pops up a window with a list in which you can insert a title, description and link. Such pop-up lists are suitable for services and products with the ability to go to the site or to the payment page:

  1. Message Title (Bold)
  2. Message Text
  3. Bottom text in the post (small gray font)
  4. Button text
  5. Menu Categories. You can expand the buttons that are in a category, add a new category or delete a category with all buttons
  6. Buttons in a category (clicking on the button will display the main settings of the button)
  7. Keyword
  8. Title
  9. Description

How to attract a lot of customers with WhatsApp ?



Collect target audience of potential customers with online parser using filters.



Create the text of the mailing based on the target audience and the information we have received



Start a WhatsApp newsletter. Set up an autoresponder, connect a chat bot and generate leads without bans and without an advertising budget on a full automatic basis