Rules of whatsapp mailing
How to avoid whatsapp blocking

In this article, here are 3 reasons why accounts are blocked and 9 tips on how to secure accounts from being blocked

First, it's worth understanding that there are 3 factors that can get your WhatsApp account blocked

1. Complaint - a user complained about your account, new accounts only need 2-3 clicks "spam" to be blocked. Warmed accounts can withstand up to 5 blockings per day

2. Suspicion of spam - in this case, the account is blocked by the messenger itself, as WhatsApp algorithms determine that the account is new, it has advertising links and repeated messages are going on

3. high volume - failure to comply with the volume will immediately lead to the blocking of your WhatsApp account.

Basic rules that will help you avoid whatsapp blocking

Observe the limits

The official whatsapp limits are no more than 250 new conversations per day and no more than 1000 conversations with contacts or people you have already corresponded with. If the account is brand new, it is not recommended to send a lot of messages from it. It is also important not to exceed the sending limit, which is 50 messages per hour.

Warming up accounts

Before you make your first mailing, it is worth warming up your account!

We have made a separate instruction for this purpose

Pause between shipments

Allow a pause between sending. It is recommended to set it from 30 seconds to 5 minutes

In the WaNeuro online service you can set the interval between sending messages in seconds

Text randomization

Use SPINTAX, it is a randomization of the message that is sent in the newsletter as well as in the autoresponder and chat bot. It is best to send a simple greeting using randomization as the first message. Example: {Hello|Good afternoon|Greetings} or Zdr{a|a}v{c|s}tvuyut{e|e} Replacing certain letters rather than the full word with {Russian|English}

Using the answering machine

After you make a welcome mailing, it is worth connecting an autoresponder in which your offer will be already and in it you can insert a link. The autoresponder is triggered only when the user responds to your greeting. After the user writes you a message, the "block your account" button will disappear.

Use the mobile network

If you're using your phones for distribution and not an online emulator like LDplayer, it's best to use a mobile network instead of your home WiFi, as WhatsApp detects all devices on your home network as a pool of accounts and blocks them.

Encourage retention

One of the most important factors is keeping your phone number in your contacts. If your phone number is saved in contacts of 50 people, you will be able to send 500 messages per day without critical threat of blocking, just use the rule above.

Utilize the target audience

Use the most targeted audience possible, people who are not at all interested in your product or service will try to complain about your message. Therefore, try to select the most loyal audience possible.

We talk about how to gather a target audience in this article

How to attract a lot of customers with WhatsApp ?



Collect target audience of potential customers with online parser using filters.



Create the text of the mailing based on the target audience and the information we have received



Start a WhatsApp newsletter. Set up an autoresponder, connect a chat bot and generate leads without bans and without an advertising budget on a full automatic basis