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Online WhatsApp checker

Check your database for watsapp and upload verified numbers to a table
Or immediately start mass mailing with chat bot via WaNeuro


How to run whatsapp checker

IMPORTANT: the more vatsapp accounts you connect, the faster validation will take place.

Adding an account

In the "WhatsApp Management" section, add a new account by clicking on the "Add Account" button

Next, scan the QR code using the scanner in the WhatsApp app

create a contact group

To do this, go
to "contacts"
and click add
After that, the center button for the created contact group

import your database and you will get the result of how many valid mailing lists from this database.An invalid database can be downloaded and rung by managers

download the results

in order not to lose the database of names that have not passed the validity check, download it as a list

those who have passed validation will be automatically added to the context group



Register in the personal account



Connect your watsapp number so that it checks the numbers for whatsApp availability

After that, scan the QR code and you will be redirected back to the WhatsApp management page



Follow the instructions in the video

How to make an auto-responder in watsapp?

1) Among the WhatsApp tools, select the desired “Autoresponder” icon;

2) Select the account on which the autoresponder will work

How to make a WhatsApp Chat Bot

1) Among the WhatsApp tools, select the desired “Chat Bot” icon

2) Select the desired account for the “Chat Bot” and click “Add Command”

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