Personalized mailing in WhatsApp

The most popular way of personalization is to address in the text of the message by name. But you can personalize your newsletters by inserting any other data into the text!

Increase in conversions

Personalized mailings yield more conversions and responses from recipients

High loyalty

Less phone number blocking with proper message chaining

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Doing a WhatsApp newsletter with your details!

WaNeuro service allows you to insert the base of your clients and make a mass mailing from all accounts connected to the system, as well as you can upload a report on the done mailing, to see to whom the messages were delivered and to whom they were not delivered.

Below you will learn:

Setting up the mailing list

Variables will help you to randomize your message as much as possible and make the dialog lively. You can also address customers by name, insert data from CRM, e.g. customer's debt, purchase amount, last visit of the customer, link to his ad and any other data you need.

Setup is done in 3 steps:

CSV Base Formatting

CSV Base Formatting

To work with the system you need the file we use to import data into our system, do not edit the header, just insert your values

  1. Format the numbers
    1. So that they do not contain any characters (+-)
    2. That they start with the main code without symbols (for example +1 is not suitable, you need 1).
    3. This can be done with the function =7&PRAVSIMV( A2;10)
  2. The file consists of the following hierarchy
    1. First column number
    2. Name column
    3. 3 and further variables at your discretion

Video instruction

Loading the base into the service

Loading the base into the service

The resulting file, upload to a new contact group!
how to create it is described here

You can then create a new mailing list.

I remind you that on iOS you can send buttons that increases the conversion rate, so if you know this parameter divide the bases into several groups for different mailings with a button and without a button

Setting up a mailing list

Setting up a mailing list

When creating mailings with personalization it is important to understand what data you have!

The example shows our mailing to collect users from Instagram who have tagged or posted posts about visiting certain forums or exhibitions!

You can use variables in the contact list using the following expressions in the text: %name%, %param1%, %param2%

How to upload a newsletter report in Watsapp?

For this purpose, there is a separate button in the mailing list menu bar, which is called "Statistics"

Compare reports

Be sure to shorten your links, and do it through services that show the number of clicks on those links, this will additionally show the conversion rate to clicks from your newsletter!

Create new newsletters

Based on the reconciliation of reports, create new mailings that will be more effective due to your optimization!