How to avoid 5 common mistakes when sending New Year SMS Mailing

Santa Claus is already in a hurry to get ready for the New Year – he is gathering his sack of presents and harnessing the harness. If you want your products to get into this bag, use New Year’s WhatsApp mailing, composed correctly. So that you avoid mailing mistakes and get your New Year gifts in the form of eager customers, we are going to share common mistakes with you.

What an SMS mailing can give you?

Before the New Year, competitors are very active in all niches – they launch promotions, give away gifts and use creative campaigns. The time for action is now for you too.

If your marketers have already tested this channel during the winter rush, you know how effective WhatsApp mailing can be. If not, you can take a look at the research.

If you sent a WhatsApp mailing to a base of 2,000 people, you can expect 500 of them to have a conversion.

There are times when you launched a New Year’s Eve WhatsApp mailing earlier but didn’t get the hot buys you expected. But you shouldn’t give up on this channel right away. You may have made one of the mistakes that reduce the conversion rate.

Which channel to choose for your New Year's mailing ?

A classic WhatsApp mailing is ideal for:

  • increasing loyalty of regular customers,
  • increase sales before the holidays,
  • announcing profitable promotions,
  • sending messages about new products,
  • sending messages with a selection of gift ideas.

With WaNeuro, our clients not only receive customer requests and get paid immediately, but also successfully continue to sell to warm contacts.

Warm contacts are those who clicked on the link in your text message but didn’t make a purchase for whatever reason. Maybe they doubt the benefit of the offer, the quality of the product or simply got distracted and forgot about their intention. But your company’s managers can successfully deal with such objections.

After sending a WhatsApp mailing in your WaNeuro cabinet, you will be able to see all warm contacts and interact with them to finalize the purchase. In this way, your holiday will be 100% successful!

5 mistakes marketers make when conducting New Year mailing and how to avoid them

Marketers’ mistakes when launching New Year’s mailing often result in messages that don’t get the results they need. In this article, we’ll look at five of the most common mistakes and offer solutions on how to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Lack of usefulness

Very often, marketers simply limit themselves to congratulations in their mailing . This may seem nice to the customer, but at the same time it’s not informative or motivating. Avoid long greetings and lyrical digressions. Instead, focus on communicating the essence of the profitable offer, accompanying it with a New Year’s mood.

Mistake 2: Lack of emotion

There are times when, in an effort to convey a benefit, marketers exclude any emotion from their messages. Such mailing can be devoid of holiday magic and fail to arouse the interest of customers. Leave the Christmas elements in the message, add Christmas tree ornaments or something similar to evoke positive emotions in the recipient.

Mistake 3: Overloading with offers

Sometimes marketers want to mention all their great offers, forgetting that the customer may be confused by the excess of information. It is better to choose one most suitable offer and focus on it, and offer the rest in person or on the website.

Mistake 4:

It is important to remember that every customer has different preferences and needs. Therefore, you need to segment your customer base and customize your mailing with each segment in mind. Pay attention to your customers, taking into account their individual preferences and desires.

Mistake 5: Sending a single message

If your product is awesome, don’t rely on the fact that a single message will be enough for a customer to make a buying decision. Remind yourself with a chain of WhatsApp mailing , warming up the customer to purchase. Send messages 1-1.5 weeks before the New Year and repeat the mailing every 3-5 days to get the best results.

5 WhatsApp mailing examples for different niches in the New Year mailing

1.Niche: Travel

 “Happy New Year! Don’t miss out on great deals on New Year’s travel! Book your dream trip today!”
“We wish you a happy new year and unforgettable adventures! New Year tours with discounts of up to 50% are waiting for you!”
“New Year holidays are the perfect time for a vacation. Forget about your problems and go on unique trips with us!” on unique trips with us!”

  1. Niche: Health and Fitness
    “Happy New Year!!! Take care of your health and shape in the new year. We invite you to personalized workouts with experienced trainers!”
    “New Year’s update: set new goals in 2022! Join our classes and achieve impressive results!”
    “Want to start the new year with a trim body and a good mood? Sign up for our New Year’s fitness program and become the best version of yourself!”
  1. Niche: Fashion and beauty
    “Happy new year! Discover a new look for yourself in 2022! We have everything to make you shine for any holiday!”
    “The new year is a time for change! Update your closet with our collection of New Year’s Eve outfits. Be at your best this holiday season!”
    “Want to look unbeatable at your New Year’s Eve party? We can help you create the perfect look – from clothing to makeup. Sign up for our stylist consultation!”
  1. Niche: Restaurants and cafes
    “Happy New Year! Spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve dinner in our restaurant. We have a special menu and cozy atmosphere!”
    “New Year is the best time to meet your loved ones. Book a table at our restaurant and enjoy delicious food and drinks!”
    “Want to please your guests on New Year’s Eve? Order a ready-made takeaway table or catering services from us. Everything will be at the highest level!”
  1. Niche: Retail
    “Happy New Year! We invite you to the new year sale! Discounts on all goods up to 70%!”
    “New Year gifts for everyone! We have collected for you the most original and useful gift ideas. Come and choose!”
    “Want to get into the magical atmosphere of the new year? Visit our New Year’s exhibition and be amazed by the variety of gifts and decorations!”

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