Mailing lists in WhatsApp for business: what it is, benefits, disadvantages.

WhatsApp mailing lists: distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages, discussion of the best applications for use in small, medium and large businesses

WhatsApp is a free mobile application designed for communication between users through text and video calls, as well as for sharing files, photos and voice messages. According to statistics, the app is used by up to two billion people every month.

In this article, we will take a look at

What is WhatsApp mailing list

What a WhatsApp mailing list does for your business

Pros and cons of WhatsApp mailing list

Features of WhatsApp mailing list

What is WhatsApp mailing list

Sending messages via WhatsApp is sending messages to a selected base of contacts who have added your phone number to their address book.

WhatsApp allows you to always stay in touch with your customers and maintain active communication. This method is more relevant than SMS and email, as you can get a reply or request for a message within minutes.

When using WhatsApp Business, you can add text, media files (audio, video, images, documents), links and emoji to messages. However, it’s important to remember that the service prohibits you from using it to distribute ads and promotions.

Instead, it is worth paying attention to the content of the messages that will be sent to customers.

WhatsApp Business allows you to create these types of messages:

  1. Agreeing deals with customers.
  2. Reminding about appointments and appointments.
  3. Tracking delivery information and order status.
  4. Payment notification.
  5. Mailing list information about company changes.
  6. Mailing list of useful materials and webinars.
  7. Informing about new products and sending price lists or catalogs.
  8. Collecting feedback through questionnaires and surveys.
  9. Counseling users through video calls or audio messages.
  10. Helping users solve problems with instructions.

In WhatsApp Business API, these messages are created in the form of templates.

Also, the app using the API has a 24-hour window rule under which the company has the ability to send messages to users, including promotional messages. This feature is activated when a user communicates with the company for the first time. After receiving a request, specialists are obliged to respond within 24 hours, and after the expiration of this period only pre-prepared message templates can be sent. In case the user contacts the chat room repeatedly, the company gets another 24-hour window to respond.

What a WhatsApp mailing list does for your business

A WhatsApp mailing list helps to retain new customers and retain loyal customers, increasing repeat purchases. Providing information about important events, new products and useful materials helps to increase brand loyalty.

Online stores often use mailing lists via WhatsApp to notify about the status of orders, sending parcels, collecting feedback, etc.

Also, this type of mailing list is relevant for delivery services, travel agencies, airlines, real estate agencies, banks, online services with fixed fees, educational institutions and many others. In general, WhatsApp mailing list is suitable for a wide range of B2B and B2C spheres.

Pros and cons of WhatsApp mailing list


In the WhatsApp Business app, trusted brands are marked with a gray checkmark, ensuring that the chat is tied to the company’s official number, increasing customer loyalty. A green checkmark next to the brand name indicates permission to send messages.

Ability to create message templates, welcome messages and quick replies so customers can get the information they need quickly.

Ability to create a chatbot that can facilitate communication with customers and automate the sales process, allowing you to focus on improving business processes.

Access to statistics on the number of messages received and read.

Mailing lists via WhatsApp is convenient in that customers can turn off notifications, but retain the ability to read the information as needed.


It is necessary to get the consent of customers and users before sending messages via WhatsApp, as well as to create a contact base of those who agree to the mailing list.

It is not recommended to add unfamiliar users to the mailing list, as this can be considered spam and can lead to account blocking or deletion.

In order to use business profile maintenance on WhatsApp, you need to have a separate phone number.

Not all people in your audience may be present on WhatsApp.

Features of WhatsApp mailing list

Let’s explore the features of WhatsApp for business, including mailing list features and their benefits for users and companies.

Customers can receive messages through the regular WhatsApp app without requiring additional apps or functionality to be installed.

Pre-created messages for templates or chatbots help users identify whether they are being contacted by a company representative or a potential spammer.

WhatsApp Business allows you to dialog with customers both on mobile devices and on a computer.

Companies can organize their chats with shortcuts, for example, to place new orders, wait for payment, and other important events.


So, we have looked at the process of creating a mailing list in WhatsApp and considered the possibilities of using this application for businesses.

We came to the conclusion that to use messenger effectively, you need to provide informative and useful messages, have a ready database of contacts who have received permission for mailing lists, and connect WhatsApp Business if your target audience actively uses this communication channel.

Mailing lists can be created either manually or with the help of a chatbot via API. To successfully use the app, it is recommended to provide full company information and make sure that your business is large or medium-sized.

Before you start using any communication channel, including WhatsApp, you should analyze and develop a promotion strategy to monitor activity and get feedback from customers.

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