Mailing lists in WhatsApp for business: what it is, benefits, disadvantages.

We talk about the features as well as pros and cons of WhatsApp mailing lists and go into detail about choosing apps that are suitable for small, medium and large businesses.

WhatsApp is a free mobile application for personal communication between users via text and video calls, as well as for sharing files, images and voice messages. According to statistics, the application is used by up to two billion people every month.

What is WhatsApp mailing list

WhatsApp mailing list is a mass sending of messages to a selected base of contacts who have added your phone number to their directory.

WhatsApp mailing list is an opportunity to always be in touch and maintain active communication with your client. This method is more relevant than SMS and email – you don’t need to wait for a user to call you back, use an offer or reply to a message – all this can be found out in a few minutes.

What you can add to the WhatsApp Business mailing list:

  • Text messages.
  • Media files – audio, video, images and documents.

You can add media files and links to messages, as well as use various emoji in the text.

The service prohibits the distribution of advertisements and promotions, so let’s look at the options of messages you can send to your customers.

WhatsApp Business allows you to create these types of messages:

  • To negotiate deals with a customer.
  • Remind about events and appointments.
  • Send delivery and order status information.
  • Provide payment notifications.
  • Communicate about changes in your company.
  • Send helpful materials and webinars.
  • Inform about new products and send price lists or catalogs.
  • Collect feedback through questionnaires and surveys.
  • Advise the user through video calls or audio messages.
  • Help users sort out a problem with the help of instructions.

In WhatsApp Business API, the messages presented above are created as templates.

Also, the app with API has a 24-hour rule when a company can send any message, including promotional messages. This opportunity opens when a user first contacted the company. Specialists must respond within 24 hours to his request, and after this time only message templates are allowed to be sent. Or the user must write to the chat room again and then the company will have a new 24 hours in reserve.

What a WhatsApp mailing list does for your business

A mailing list on WhatsApp helps not to lose new customers and retain regular customers, increasing the number of repeat sales. The company increases brand loyalty by informing customers about important events, new products and useful materials.

Watsap mailing list is often used by online stores – placing orders, notifying about the location of the parcel, sending questionnaires to collect feedback and the like.

Also mailing list on Watsap is relevant for delivery services, transportation companies, travel agencies, airlines, real estate agencies, banks, online services with fixed fees, educational institutions and online courses. This small list of where to use WhatsApp mass mailing list will suit many B2B and B2C industries.

Pros and cons of WhatsApp mailing list

Now let’s understand what are the pros and cons of mailing list on Wotsap.


  • In the WhatsApp Business app, a trusted brand is marked with a gray check mark, which means that the phone assigned to the chat is the official number of the company. This increases customer loyalty and trust. If there is a green checkmark next to the brand name, WhatsApp officially gives permission to send messages.
  • Creation of message templates, chat greeting and quick replies so that the customer can get information quickly.
  • Ability to develop a chat bot that can take over most of the customer experience and automate the onboarding process while you improve the efficiency of your business processes.
  • Access to tracking data on the number of messages received and read.
  • Messenger mailing lists are convenient because the client can turn off alerts, but still retain the ability to review the information when they need it.


  • Requires the consent of clients and users to send messages, as well as collecting a base of contacts who are ready to receive mailing lists from you.
  • It is not recommended to attract unfamiliar users. Otherwise, developers may mark your messages in WhatsApp – “spam mailing list”. And this threatens to block and delete the account.
  • It is obligatory to have a separate phone number to maintain a business profile.
  • Not all your audience may be present in WhatsApp messenger.

Features of WhatsApp mailing list

And in this section we will consider the features of WhatsApp for business: mailing list and its useful features for users and the company.

  • Customers receive messages in the regular version of the messenger, they do not need to connect another application or additional functionality.
  • Pre-designed messages for templates or chatbots help users determine who is writing to them: an official representative of the company or a fraudster spreading spam.
  • WhatsApp Business allows correspondence with the client in mobile and desktop versions.
  • Companies can sort chats using labels – for example, new customer, checkout, waiting for payment and the like.


In this article, we have sorted out how to make a mailing list in Watsapp and what features the app has for businesses.

  • Messenger is best used for informative and useful messages.
  • Your contact base should be ready for your mailing lists – users need to agree to receive messages in advance.
  • If the majority of your customers are in this channel – safely connect WhatsApp Business.
  • Mailing lists can be created manually or you can connect a chatbot via API.
  • If you want to supplement the application yourself – provide full information about the company and make sure you have a large or medium-sized business.
  • Before you start connecting any communication channel, analyze and work out a promotion strategy to see activity and get feedback.

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