The right strategy for mailing lists of promotions and discounts to your customers

Want to increase your sales but facing high costs to attract new customers? If so, you can increase the engagement of your existing customer base by offering them discounts, promotions or special offers. This article will tell you how to quickly get the word out to your customers about profitable opportunities.
Email mailing lists with discounts and promotions work effectively with existing customers, especially if they responded positively to their first interaction with your company or product.

Mailing lists with promotions and discounts can be divided into two major categories:

  1. Regular. These are sent at regular intervals and are suitable for companies that are updating their product range or want to sell leftover goods. They are also suitable for companies that have a higher demand for goods or services on certain days of the week (e.g. weekends for play centers).
  2. Situational. These include holidays and other events. These mailing lists are prepared for certain dates and events, such as New Year’s Eve or March 8.

It is important to remember that regular mailing lists should not be too frequent and intrusive. The effectiveness of promotions and discounts depends on the real benefit the customer sees. Frequent mailing lists with big discounts can lead to the client getting used to it and postponing the purchase.

Also, you should not try to introduce false discounts by increasing the price of an item and offering a “discount”. This can damage the company’s reputation and may not bring the expected results.

Why do many companies prefer WhatsApp for mailing lists?

When choosing how to send messages in bulk, SMS, Email and WhatsApp are all considered options. Email can be easily put aside in a writing box and is not checked as often as messengers or CRM. The open rate of emails is low and in this regard, SMS and WhatsApp are more effective options.

A comparison of SMS and WhatsApp shows that the open rate of emails is almost the same in them, but in WhatsApp, users can participate in the dialog. This makes messenger more attractive to customers, as they can immediately respond to an offered promotion or discount, place an order or get more information.

In addition, WhatsApp is perceived more trustworthy by the user as the messenger is used to communicate with family, friends and colleagues. This creates a more favorable environment for communication and increases the likelihood of a positive response to a message.

The cost of mailing list on WhatsApp is lower than the cost of sending SMS or Email. For example, a mailing list of 9000 SMS will cost at least 9000 rubles, while in WhatsApp the same mailing list in WaNeuro service will cost 690 rubles.

To successfully launch a mailing list on WhatsApp, you need to think of an offer, prepare numbers for mailing, write an attractive message, prepare a contact database and launch the mailing list. Before launching, you need to make sure that the offer will be interesting to the target audience to increase the chances of successful conversion.

Using the WaNeuro service also allows you to enable analytics to track the results of mailing lists and improve the effectiveness of communication with your customers.

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