5 signs that will help you recognize unscrupulous mailing services!

The higher the effectiveness of mailing via SMS and messengers, the more scammers try to take advantage of this market. At first glance, they give the impression of reliability and offer a below-market launch price. However, at the end of the contract, customers face database loss and costs beyond expectations. To avoid falling into the hands of unscrupulous contractors, we will tell you some tips in our new article.

Common mailing fraud schemes

Many people are sure that they will never fall victim to fraudsters. More and more people nowadays already know how to recognize phone scams right from the phrase “Hello, you are being contacted by the bank’s security service”. But what to do if fraudsters start acting in the sphere of professional services?

In such cases, it is more difficult to recognize the deception. “Managers” can use tricks that inspire trust, and their websites look very reliable, and the prices for services are significantly lower than market prices. You need to be especially careful not to fall victim to such a scam.

“Just provide us with your database and we will customize all the necessary parameters ourselves.” Some scammers offer you low prices for mailing lists – for example, 1 ruble per recipient. Being attracted by such favorable terms, you send them your customer base, hoping for a successful mailing list. However, in the end you are surprised to find out that your competitors also start sending their offers to your base. By investigating the sequence of events, you can easily identify the source of the leaked contacts. This “service” is based on reselling databases.”

“We will send messages to 100% of the contacts in your database”
No matter how up-to-date your contact database is, there is always a chance that there are outdated or incorrectly entered numbers in it. Also, when using messengers, each contact should be verified to ensure that the recipient has a WhatsApp or Telegram app installed.
When creating a mailing , market-leading providers always check the contact database – you only pay for actual numbers and delivered messages. However, scammers can use methods where you will pay for the entire list, even if it contains non-existent numbers.

How do you suspect deception?

How do you realize your business is at risk?

The company’s website duplicates the market leaders

Scammers don’t take the time to create quality content and a professional online presence: they are more likely to copy other people’s texts and create an insecure website with disregard for personal data protection and a user-friendly interface.

Checking the authenticity of content is easy. Type the first phrases of the website in any search engine and you will see where the content was taken from.

All mailing are triggered through private correspondence

Unscrupulous mailing providers deprive you of the opportunity to customize your campaign by not giving you access to your personal account. They claim to be “easy” to start and say they will do everything for you, but at the same time, they hide important mailing components, such as the relevance of database numbers, the ability to segment the database, and the ability to define or change sending times.

You are offered to send a database of numbers directly in a private WhatsApp or Telegram correspondence.

There are no reliable methods to protect your database sent in messengers. Disclosing customer contacts in personal correspondence is similar to publishing them in the public domain on the Internet. If a manager offers this option, he or she is probably not going to secure the database.

The manager sends messages via private numbers on WhatsApp or Telegram.

Often scammers engaged in bulk mailing via SMS, Whatsapp or Telegram use these channels to send spam. If you receive an “attractive” mailing offer without prior request, you should be careful.

You are offered to transfer the mailing money to a card belonging to an individual.

Fraudsters usually do not have formal contractual relationships or make payments through legitimate channels, making it difficult to prove their fraud when going to the police or court.

Safety rules when launching mailing

Do not respond to spam received in private messages. Quality services use chat rooms within your personal account for communication and provide official phone numbers for contact.

Double-check the website of the service you are going to use for mass mailing .

Make sure the site is original and up-to-date, as copied sites are often indicative of fraudulent activity.

Take care of the security of your database. Only upload data to secure personal accounts that support two-factor authentication.

Carefully review your upcoming report Fraudulent organizations do not provide automated mailing reports. Reliable services allow you to upload reports to your personal account after sending for some time.

Make sure technical support is available Familiarize yourself with the full list of tools provided by the service to protect your advertising campaign. The more support available at all stages of your work, the less chance you have of encountering fraud.

Explore payment options Trusted services provide transparent financial reports, include balance information, and do not apply hidden fees or undocumented forms of payment.

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