Which WhatsApp picture size to choose

WhatsApp is considered to be one of the most popular instant messaging platforms and a huge number of users know this. Many people use this app to connect with family, friends and for business purposes. On WhatsApp, you can share text messages, photos, videos and add emotional emoticons to express your feelings.

That is why nowadays, advertising mailing on WhatsApp has great potential, but many users are wondering how to conduct it effectively, as well as what banner formats will be suitable for a quality and professional presentation of advertising or informational information.

When it comes to banner size for targeted mailing to subscribers on WhatsApp, it is important to consider the platform limitations. The WhatsApp platform allows you to send images up to 16 MB in size, but it is recommended to reduce the image size for faster loading and better user experience.

A good rule of thumb is to limit the banner size to 1 MB, and ideally between 300 and 500 KB. This ensures that the banner will load quickly and will not take up too much space on the recipient’s device.

For WhatsApp, it is recommended to use a square banner of 800×800 pixels or 1080×1080 pixels for optimal display on most devices. It is important to find a balance between the size and quality of the banner to ensure fast loading and clear display of information. As long as the banner size does not exceed 1MB and the recommended sizes are used, you should be able to create an effective and readable banner to send to WhatsApp.

The format of advertising banners for WhatsApp mailing can vary depending on the brand or campaign goals, as well as the target audience and content. Here are some useful guidelines and tips to keep in mind when creating WhatsApp mailing banners:

Consider the banner size: WhatsApp limits the size of banner images to 640×640 pixels. Make sure your banner meets these requirements so that the image is not distorted or cropped.

Optimize your banner for mobile devices: most WhatsApp users use the app on their mobile devices, so it’s important to make sure your banner is easy to read and attractive on a small screen.

Use bright and eye-catching colors: to draw users’ attention to your banner, use bright and eye-catching colors. This will help your advertisement stand out from the rest of the mailing .

Conciseness and clarity: when creating text for your banner, try to be concise and clear. Limit the number of words and pay attention to making your message clear and eye-catching.

Add your logo and branded elements: to emphasize your uniqueness and recognizability, it is recommended to add your logo and other branded elements in the banner. This will help users to easily identify your brand.

Use attractive images: choose quality and attractive images that match your brand and will catch the attention of your audience. The image should be relevant to your message and evoke the desired response from the users.

Test and analyze: feel free to experiment with different banner formats and content. After launching a WhatsApp mailing , analyze the results and conduct A/B testing to determine the most effective options.

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